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Limosa Rise is situated above Duck Point – just 800m from the cottages, you can enjoy walking along Yanakie Beach with coastal bush behind you and the northern mountains of Wilsons Prom across the other side of the water.

The Duck Point loop track takes about 45 minutes to walk, and begins in coastal bush. There is a dramatic change in vegetation when you come out of the bush onto the sandy beach, and look out over water and mountains.

The Townsend Point walk will take you around rocks at the base of the cliff and back to Yanakie Beach. This walk is best done at mid to low tide to minimise the rock scramble.

We have a range of swimming/surfing beaches within half an hour’s drive. There are long, beautiful surf beaches at Sandy Point and Waratah Bay.  In Wilsons Promontory National Park, there are ocean beaches such as Squeaky Beach and Picnic Bay, and the wide, popular Norman Bay at Tidal River. Lifeguard services operate over summer.

Corner Inlet is teeming with wildlife: it is an important breeding ground for fish and crustaceans, and the area is one of the original RAMSAR sites: designated habitats internationally recognised as important for migratory birds.


Corner Inlet contains 10% of the State’s breeding population of Little Tern and Pied Oystercatcher. The area is used by Black Swans as a feeding and moulting area after breeding. Up to 10,000 Swans occur in the inlet at these times. This is over 5% of the State population and over 10% of the regional population (Norman pers. comm., Hewish 1988, Peter 1989, Peter 1990, Peter 1991).

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